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At The End (New Beginning) Of Glam Nation With Adam Lambert

Update: 5.25pm


Sorry but the videos are not in any particular order except in the order that @Suz526 uploads them to Youtube!

All videos courtesy of the lovely @Suz526!







More to come…


Update: 2.40pm


I could barely update in time!



Do not be upset! While Glam Nation is over, Adam has JUST BEGUN! :)


Update: 2.35pm


OMG… after bending BACK and falling flat on his BACK to end PURPLE HAZE… Adam went on to WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!

ROCK GOD! Its ROCKING! The whole place is ROCKING!

OMG Monte is going wild with the guitar work!

And now…


You need to see the VIDEO of this performance to understand the epicness of it!


Update: 2.30pm


I couldn’t identify the guitar intro and the first few verse at first… but turns out, Adam is singing PURPLE HAZE!!


Update: 2.15pm

The END is near! :( (((

BUT before that… the Band Intro!

Adam: Everyone having fun? *Crowd WENT WILD!*

Adam: You like my band? *Crowd went wild* You LOVE my band? *Crowd went crazy wilder!!*

When it came time to introduce Tommy, Adam teased: I don’t know him (referring to Tommy)… *laughs*

Adam bantered and added that Tommy “shoots glitter” before laughing!

He mentioned how he met Monte six years ago and they have been making music ever since!

It seems that Adam might be reading his tweets or reading off fans placard in the crowd… cause he went on to say: “Kindergarten teachers love Adam!”


Changing up the chorus if IF I HAD YOU… Adam introduced his dancers!

Seems that Terrance was with Adam in WICKED! Terrance is Adam’s bruther!

As for Brooke, Adam has known her for six years too! As he says it: (She) is her sister from another MISTER!

And then the whole room JUMPED and JUMPED and…..


AND THE END!! :( ((((((((((((((((((((((((



Update: 2.10pm


And as the verse says, Adam really “made me want to listen to Music Again”!! Serious!

And Monte really riffing away at the guitar solo!

The room is pulsing!


Update: 2.05pm

SURE FIRE WINNERS was BURNING HOT! I always love it when Adam does the body roll! lol

Adam wailed his heart out and HITTING crazy HIGH NOTES!!

He blew a kiss to the crowd as he ended the song and immediately burst into the next number… STRUT!

Dancing Adam = PERFECTION! lol


Update: 1.56pm

OMG… can barely keep up with the updates!

Interlude now!


As Adam sang the last verse of AFTERMATH: “Want to scream out.. No more hiding… .” It seemed so much for poignant tonight!

And now… Adam is BACK!



Update: 1.50pm


Now for the pregnant PAUSE… Adam waited for EVERYONE in the crowd to go silent before starting up again BUT some attention-whores kept shouting!!


Adam… in a VERY VERY GOOD MOOD! Being playful with the crowd!! Sang a ditty from a movie (but I didn’t get it).



Update: 1.40pm

Adam is in PERFECT FORM TONIGHT!! All the notes! All the wailing!!

Adam is TALKING to the crowd! The crowd is GOING CRAZY WILD!

Adam: “THE LAST SHOW! I cannot believe it!”


Finally, Adam changed up his script a bit. He talked about the LAST Glam Nation concert. And how GLAM is all a state of mind and if you are wearing leather etc, you can make it work. Don’t let anyone say you cannot!

And then, off course, LOVE! The theme LOVE!

Whataya Want From Me!


Update: 1.35pm


And Adam is once again giving his ALL! Wailing and rocking it!

We really need to get the Singapore radios to play this single!!


Update: 1.30pm

Adam is really giving his ALL! The energy is palpable!!

FEVER! My fave!

He sang it soooooo passionately!

The crowd went WILD!!

Now the dance interlude as Adam has a wardrobe change!

The crowd is CRAZY WILD!!


Update: 1.24pm

Just before launching into Down the Rabbit Hole: “Fall in people, fall in…”

Down the Rabbit Hole

Yes… we will follow you anywhere! lol

And off course, Ring of Fire!


Update: 1.20pm

Almost miss the start of the LAST Glam Nation!



Adam sounds GREAT! The crowd is getting HOT! :P


Update: 12.16pm

Hey what do you know… I am gonna ‘live’ blog Adam Lambert’s LAST Glam Nation concert after all! Such is life! Its so funny! :P

Ok… just like yesterday’s concert, The Canyons (lead singer, Alisan Porter) is opening up the concert for Adam.

And it has began… The Canyons are on stage and performing!

I’ll not be ‘live’ blogging The Canyons‘ performance and will update the post only when Adam’s up!

That will be in around two hours time!

See you then! :)



Of all days… I would most probably not be able to ‘live’ blog Adam Lambert’s very LAST Glam Nation Tour concert today! :(

I am totally bummed out but RL (real life) is such!

However, I like to see this ending as just the beginning of something new for Adam. He has been touring for the whole year – I think we all agree that its time he stop spouting those lines of his (from a script), stop singing songs from For Your Entertainment, although he can keep dancing those moves of his! :P

Its time for Adam to move on to his second album and for US to let him grow! Its not a sad ending but a great finale to a fabulous chapter of Adam’s career. More chapters are to come and I eagerly await them!



(Fotos: Tuke18, Dibaby Foto Acessórios: Consultor Creative weelassie: librarising Design: MLG)

(Credit: Poster extracted from MJ’s Big Blog)

Watch Adam LIVE on American Idol on 14 April!

Adam in River Rock Concert, Vancover Canada

As we all know by now, Adam Lambert will be mentoring the American Idol 9 contestants next week (if you don’t, perhaps you should read the previous blog post first: click HERE). Even as we continue to speculate on the THEME of next week and how Adam will be helping these extremely boring group of contestants to jazz it up and SPARKLE… the more important question is WHEN and WHERE can we catch the 2 episodes of American Idol even before they are shown on Channel 5 (one of our free-to-air channel) and Star World cable (pay-tv) channel 18.

For those of us who are too impatient and excited to wait for the Youtube videos and insist on watching Adam ‘live’ on American Idol once again, you can catch American Idol live-streaming from these websites (thanks to @Sethshomaru):

Please note that your location & Internet connection affect access. – Works best out of the 4 listed here. – Buffers a lot – Buffers a lot. – Somewhat problematic lately, intermittent feed


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