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Adam Lambert At Boy George’s Single Launch Party! (And Wearing The “Reckless Ericka” Jacket!)

Adam Lambert arrived in London on 19/03/2010 to begin his radio tour of the United Kingdom before heading to Germany on 28/03/2010. Last night, he glammed it up as he attended Boy George’s new single launch party at the Merah Club in London. Boy George’s new single is called “Amazing Grace” and it’s out in the UK on March 22.

Adam with Boy George

Adam Lambert attended Boy George single launch party in UK

More pictures after the jump…


Adam Lambert in a Singapore-Designed & Made “Reckless Ericka” Jacket!

As we all found out in yesterday’s URBAN (19/03/2010; see article below), Adam Lambert was actually wearing a specially-designed black Lambert 2 jacket by Singapore fashion label Reckless Ericka during his press conference last Friday (12/03/2010). This jacket was a surprise gift to Adam by the label and he loved it so much that he put it on immediately for the press event.

Adam wore the Reckless Ericka jacket again during his exclusive Meet & Greet session for fans before his showcase at the Hollywood Pantages Theater™ in the Universal Studios Singapore®. I was one of the lucky few that managed to win passes to the Meet & Greet and I remembered thinking how cool was Adam’s jacket especially with the open back and ruffles! (You can see Adam in the jacket at the Meet & Greet HERE.)



The Singapore Glamberts decided to send Adam a healthy gourmet basket of goodies to his first tour stop in Portland, Oregon to wish him all the best to the Tour and also to wish him good luck on his upcoming Album.

List of Singapore Glamberts Participated in this Gifting:

  1. serene_sg
  2. ooi
  3. gywnvalentine
  4. SethLambert
  5. Gabhyde
  6. HuiWen
  7. hunnyza
  8. Evelyn
  9. VeeeKay07
  10. Ixora
  11. lambskankSG
  12. Debbie

Ordering from a Portland Florist – Walker Florist (, the Singapore Glamberts got Adam:

  • 1 Healthy Gourmet Basket of goodies
  • 1 Stem of Violet Orchid (to remind him of Singapore)
  • 1 Full Size Greeting Card (Note on Card below)
  • **Special Request: To add an A4-document in the greeting card (with the SG Glamberts photo and photo of the necklace)

We had this gift basket DELIVERED to:

Adam Lambert
American Idol Tour
c/o Rose Garden Arena
One Center Court
Portland, OR 97227
Phone # of arena 503-797-9658

Date of Delivery: 3 July Friday


Our Note to Adam:

Dear Adam,

LOVE & KISSES from your Singapore Glamberts: Serene, Ooi, gywnvalentine, SethLambert, Gabhyde, HuiWen, hunnyza, wxteoevilyn, VeeeKay07, Ixora, lambskankSG & Debbie!!

We are ecstatic that you’ve found our Crystal Tie Necklace gift to you ‘AMAZING‘ (Access Hollywood Interview) and we will be overjoyed to see you wear it! We hope you loved the Tribute Album that we created for you & that you got a kick out of reading your news clippings!

Please do come to SINGAPORE for your Album Promo and Concert in the future—We Are Waiting For You!

This gift of healthy food and fruits to YOU is to wish you all the best for the tour and to your upcoming album! The stalk of orchid symbolises YOU—for being beautiful and exotic—and of the love, respect and admiration that is coming to you from Singapore (the orchid is our national flower).

Take good care of yourself! AND SLAY THE PERFORMANCES!

See you in Singapore soon!!

LOVING YOU, the Singapore Glamberts: Serene, Ooi, gywnvalentine, SethLambert, Gabhyde, HuiWen, hunnyza, wxteoevilyn, VeeeKay07, Ixora, lambskankSG and Debbie! @SG_Glamberts


Pictures of our gifts to Adam:

Adam's Gift Basket 2Adam's Gift Basket 1Adam's Gift Basket 3

Adam’s Gift Package – Adam has RECEIVED our GIFT!


Dish of Salt from asked Adam about gifts from Singapore Glamberts and he straight off mentioned about ‘amazing jewelry and books’… see the clip here:


Gift Package for Adam – SENT & SIGNED!

The Singapore Glamberts Gift Package to Adam was SENT via Fedex 10-kg International Priority.

The big box reached the addressee on Friday 19 Jun 2009 before 10.30am (US time) and was signed by a T.Street.


Now, we need to keep a lookout for the crystal Tie Necklace on Adam! Whoever spots Adam wearing it, please please post the pic or video here for us? Thank you so much!

Updates on the ALBUM pages, on the Gifts etc can be found at:…

(In the “Gifting Adam” Category)


Thank you to ALL Singapore Glamberts that contributed to the Gift

  • ooi
  • Sporeglambert
  • Candice
  • huiwen
  • lambskankSG
  • serene_sg
  • gwynvalentine
  • Beyla
  • chardonnayeve
  • Nurul
  • Pritiyanti
  • Mizurei
  • Sayumi
  • Ixora
  • Faila
  • SethLambert
  • Nora
  • Anthea
  • raniisingapore

Singapore Glamberts are Featured in this week’s 8 Days Magazine!

A fellow Singapore Glambert was recently interviewed by our local weekly entertainment magazine, 8 Days!

She was asked about her gift of a cool leather bag to Adam and the photographic proof that he had received it and was using it.

Along the way, the Singapore Glamberts were mentioned and our gifts to Adam were highlighted, especially our Crystal Tie Necklace! Similarly, we have video proof that Adam has received it and he finds it “amazing”!

Below are the scans of the 8 Days Magazine!

8 Days Magazine (6 July 2009)

Singapore Glamberts Featured!

Singapore Glamberts Featured!

Pages from the Scrapbook

A scrapbook of Adam’s news clippings from our local papers have been compiled. Here are some of the pages from the scrapbook.


Pages from the Album

Here are pages extracted from the Album that we are gifting Adam. This Album forms part of the package that we will be couriering to Adam this coming week.


Gift Package for Adam

Dear Singapore fans of Adam Lambert,

The Singapore Glamberts are coming together to send a gift package to Adam before the American Idol tour starts in July.

If you wish to have a say and chip in the gifts, please join the Singapore Glambert group (register at the Singapore Glambert Forum) and chime in at:



Tell me what do you think and whether Adam would like it or not? Visit us at the Forum to post your comments!

Bling for Adam

Bling for Adam

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