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Adam Lambert Bringing Glamnation Tour To Oz

Even as we are flailing over Adam Lambert’s 2010 Formula One Singapore Grand Prix gig on 24-25 September 2010, additional destination and concert dates were announced for Glamnation Tour – Adam is going down under to Australia for 3 concerts in total!

Adam will be bringing his Glamnation Tour to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane between 19-22 October 2010. He will be in:

  • Palace Theatre, Melbourne
    Tuesday 19th October
  • Metro Theatre, Sydney
    Wednesday 20th October
  • The Tivoli, Brisbane
    Friday 22nd October

Anyone heading down to Oz to catch Adam perform?

When is Adam Lambert & the Glamnation Tour Coming to Singapore?

(This post will be pinned to the TOP of the Singapore Glamberts News and will be updated once there is new development of Adam Lambert’s Glamnation Tour in Asia.)

Update 21 July:

GREAT NEWS! In his latest radio interview with Mix 100 Denver, Adam Lambert once again confirmed that his Glamnation Tour will go international and will go on till the end of December 2010. Adam mentioned that he will be bringing his tour to ASIA, Australia, Europe and United Kingdom! Concert dates are now being solidified! (To listen to the radio interview, click on HERE.)


Update 20 July:

Adam Lambert has just added two Hawaii dates for his Glamnation Tour! Interestingly, the dates for his concert in Honolulu are 25th and 26th October 2010. He would be in Asia from end of September (where he said he would be in Singapore) to at least 10th October where he has a concert in Manila, Philippines; so will he then head to Australia, New Zealand and/or United Kingdom? Will there be time for Adam to visit all these countries and then head to Hawaii for his concerts there? What do you think? Feel free to comment below!


Adam Lambert said he is coming to Singapore at the end of September to kickoff the international leg of his Glamnation Tour.

Extracted from previous Blog Post:

Adam was asked about his Glamnation Tour and he divulged: “The Glamnation Tour… in September we ship on East… we go to Singapore and we start touring internationally, so we are very excited.” (Watch the interview HERE and listen to Adam mentioning his Singapore plans with your own ears!)

(you can read the full Blog Post HERE )

BUT so far we have heard NO dates for his Singapore concert! While dates for his Japan, Philippines and now, Hong Kong (not verified at point of writing), concerts have all been released!

What is going on?

Local fans and fans from neighbouring countries are all at tenterhooks waiting for the news – we need the date/s as soon as possible! Travel arrangements need to be planned, leave applications need to be submitted etc.

We are all excited for Adam to come back to Singapore to perform a FULL ‘LIVE’ CONCERT – moreover, he promised (during his special showcase in March) he would come back to Singapore!

More after the jump…


Adam At Mardi Gras… Those Spikes… That Cod Piece!

Adam was a the closing act for Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras and what a way to close the festivities with a SUPER BANG!

Adam sang For Your Entertainment and was accompanied by female, male, and alien drag queens dancer on stage. He wore super tight latex (?) pants with a bling up glam up cod piece along with his fabulous jacket with the wonderfully large spikes that he wore for his album shoot.

As usual, Adam turned in a fabulous performance and the audience just wanted more of him!


Short Promo Segment of Adam on Australia Channel 9

Enjoy this short video segment promoting Adam in Australia as they prepare to welcome him!

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