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Have You Pre-Ordered Adam Lambert’s Acoustic EP Yet? (SOLD OUT!!)

The blog post was supposed to go out today as a reminder to Singapore Glamberts but before I can post it online, Adam’s Acoustic EP CD SOLD OUT completely! While they are now reprinting the CDs and it will be available for us to order later, it is currently SOLD OUT. I decided to go ahead and post this blog for your information and also to direct you to Adam’s COLLECTOR’S EDITION of For Your Entertainment – this edition was unavailable to us when it was first launched and a lot of effort was needed to circumvent the rules to order and have any sent to Singapore. But now, you can order them from Adam Lambert Global Store and have them sent directly to you! (See below for more information.)



Singapore Glamberts! Have you pre-ordered Adam Lambert’s Acoustic EP? This is DIFFERENT from the special Asia GLAMBOX Edition that was released a few months ago here.

This a 5 Song EP of stripped down versions of five of Adam’s most popular tracks from For Your Entertainment. Tracks including “Whataya Want From Me” and “Music Again”, which were recorded while Adam was in Germany, and “Aftermath” and “Soaked” from Adam’s Glam Nation tour.


  1. “Whataya Want From Me” (Live at ENERGY Berlin 103.4)
  2. “Music Again” (Live at Hit Radio FFH)
  3. “Aftermath” (Live at Glamnation)
  4. “Soaked” (Live at Glamnation)
  5. “Mad World” (Live at Glamnation)

Acoustic CD or Exclusive Poster Bundle

We can now order from Adam Lambert Global Store and have the CD delivered directly to Singapore!

Just the Acoustic CD

You can order just the Acoustic CD for S$6.55 (SOLD OUT). This will also come with an instant download of “Whataya Want From Me (Live at ENERGY Berlin 103.4)”!

However, this version is now SOLD OUT! Although they are now producing more CDs, if you want a copy of this EP, you would need to order the Exclusive Poster Bundle (see below).


Exclusive Poster Bundle

The Acoustic CD with Exclusive Poster Bundle is selling for S$17.06 with a shipping fee S$10.50 (SOLD OUT). With every order, you will receive the CD plus an 18″x18″ Print/Poster with an instant download of “Whataya Want From Me (Live at ENERGY Berlin 103.4)”! (See below.)


With the US dollar at record low, this is a great time to order your Adam Lambert CDs, posters and memorabilia from the US! So if you don’t want to be disappointed, quickly place your orders for this Exclusive Acoustic EP and get that wonderful Poster >> Adam Lambert Global Store

Now You Can Get That Collector’s Edition!

With this new Global Store, we in Singapore can now order Adam’s For Your Entertainment Collector’s Edition!

Collector’s Edition Includes:

  • For Your Entertainment (CD)
  • 16 Page, Hard-Cover, 5.5″ x 5″ Picture Book featuring never-before-seen photos!
  • Instant downloads of 4 songs including two non-album bonus tracks, “Master Plan” and “Down The Rabbit Hole”
This edition was NOT available to international fans when it was first released in the US. But now we can get it easily from Adam Lambert Global Store. So if you want that fabulous picture book, place your order for this Collector’s Edition now!


UPDATE: 28 September 2010

Have you gotten your GLAMBOX? Its now available in all music stores! Go and grab your copy now! Only available in ASIA!

I’ve gotten mine! (See box below!)




UPDATE: 14 September 2010

Ok, I keep fielding queries on the contest details… well… Sony Music Singapore has finally come back with more details on the contest (details posted on Facebook > HERE)!

First off, the contest form looks like this (see below) – its a joint contest with Daughtry! So, please ask for your contest form when you pre-order your copy of For Your Entertainment Glam Box!



Now, as for contest details… it seems that up for grabs are:

  • ONE pair of Zone 4 Formula One 2010 Singapore Grand Prix for 25th September 2010; that comes with
  • Meet & Greet Access to Adam Lambert (and Daughtry)
  • Unspecified autographed items

Does this mean the winner of this contest might be a Daughtry fan and might not care for Adam at all?!?!? WTH?!?!? This seriously does not make sense!

The Issue about the RECEIPT

Ok… it seems that those who have pre-ordered would need to hold on to the receipt BUT you need to include your receipt with your contest form – so how do we resolve this? Well, Sony Music Singapore has these INSTRUCTIONS for fans to take note off (extracted from Sony Music Singapore website):

  1. All (contest form) entries should be completed and accurately filled, with original proof of purchase/ official receipt attached.
    1. If you have purchased an Adam Lambert Glam Box pre-sale, you may scan the receipt and send it through to, including your details in the email.
    2. Please make an additional note on your contest form that you have done the above so that we can take note.

So please take note of all these instructions! Pre-order your Glam Box, scan your receipt and send the file to Sony Music Singapore including your details in the email (but remember to make a note that you’ve emailed your receipt to them on the contest form)!



UPDATE: 8 September 2010 5:00pm

You can pre-order the For Your Entertainment Glam Box from any record stores! Thanks to some investigative work by @glambert_vin, you can order this edition from these places for these prices:

  • HMV stores – S$29.95
  • Gramophone stores – S$27.95 (you must call the store before going down to pre-order)
  • CD Rama stores – S$26.95

I will update everyone once I have more details about the Contest and the Meet & Greet with Adam!

If you know of any other outlets selling the Glam Box, do update me at the Comments section below! :)




Yes! Adam Lambert’s Asia exclusive – For Your Entertainment Glam Boxis now available for PRE-ORDER in all good record stores. Or in this case, HMV Singapore! It is retailing for S$29.95.

For HMV Singapore, the pre-order has started since 6 September 2010 and will go on till 20 September 2010. Pre-order now and you will get your copy of the FYE Glam Box from 22 September 2010. Also, with every purchase, you stand to win tickets to the F1 Night Race to catch Adam’s performance PLUS a Meet&Greet with Adam himself!

NOTE: Just go to any HMV store in Singapore and ask to Pre-Order the FYE Glam Box! I was informed that there have been some unforeseen problems with the contest forms – they will only arrive at all the record stores either tomorrow evening or on Thursday!

So What Do You Get In This Special Edition?

Well, according to these pictures below (thanks to Vampz Shinigami), you will get:

Disc 1 – CD

  • For Your Entertainment CD
  • with BONUS TRACKS of
    1. Master Plan
    2. Down the Rabbit Hole
    3. Voodoo
    4. Can’t Let You Go

Disc 2 – DVD

  • Music Video
    1. If I Had You
    2. Whataya Want From Me
    3. For Your Entertainment
  • Adam Lambert LIVE
    1. Music Again (Clear Channel Stripped)
    2. Sleepwalker (Clear Channel Stripped)
    3. For Your Entertainment (Clear Channel Stripped)
    4. Soaked (AOL Sessions)
    5. If I Had You (AOL Sessions)
    6. Whataya Want From Me (AOL Sessions)
    7. Strut (AOL Sessions)
    8. Fever (AOL Sessions)
  • Behind-The-Scenes
    1. Making of “If I Had You”

Disc 3 – “If I Had You” Remix EP*

  1. Radio Edit
  2. Jason Nevins Extended Mix
  3. Jason Nevins Robotronic Extended Mix
  4. Dangerous Muse Remix
  5. Morgan Page Extended Remix

*Physical release of this EP is EXCLUSIVE to this Glam Box


  • It is an Asia Exclusive
  • It contains a special limited edition premium – an Adam Lambert mouse pad with a never-before-released exclusive image of Adam Lambert

So what are you waiting for? Go and order your copy (or two or three)! :P

Lyrics of VOODOO… as tweeted by Adam

Adam tweeted the lyrics to Voodoo! (@adamlambert)

If you haven’t heard this track, listen to it below and then go out and buy Adam’s Deluxe Edition that has this track included!

Swamp thing on the bayou,
moon shrine: break the taboo/
I wanna know – what’s in ur potion,
bound by total devotion.

I was looking for love all over.
You’re the hunter and I’m your prey.
Now I’m lost in a love hangover,
I try to leave but I have to stay.

Cuz it’s VOODOO – under your spell.
Swap sings of a love bizarre.
Snake bites, aligning stars.
I’m in rapture, there is no cure.

No sanctuary from your allure. (pre chorus repeats)
cuz the voodoo that u do is all that you can do to make me into your fool,

Cuz when you do the voodoo
I’m just like a doll that the pins keep pushin into.
Everytime I try and break this trance I’m so afraid I’ll…

Miss my chance to be bewitched, bothered by you.
I just gotta say I want your hex
I don’t wanna live without your hex,
I’m so obsessed with your sexiness

Audio only:

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