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Working in the Studio

Latest Fabulous Pics of Adam! (Updated)

UPDATE: 7 Jul 2011

Another new picture of Adam hard at work in the studio! But why is he frowning? :P   ;)

Seems like his single and album is really going to be out soon!




Adam is hard at work in the studio working on his sophomore album and it seems that the release of a single and subsequent album is more near and real than ever before!

Rumours are flying on the release dates (read: Unconfirmed Album Rumours!), SLEEPWALKER just got released as a single in Singapore (read: SLEEPWALKER Single Released in Singapore!)… and today, 3 new fabulous pictures of Adam got released to the public! I say hype is slowly being created in preparation for Adam’s new album!

Adam tweeted this really evocative picture of himself hard at work in the studio with this tweet: “In-Studio Reflection“. If you want a high-def version of this picture, download it here (its about 23MB)!

I love that its in black and white and grainy!



Apart from this exclusive picture, Adam Lambert Fan Club released 2 new pictures of Adam too. These 2 pictures were taken at a cool, downtown Los Angeles location when he was filming a piece for MTV’s Talk@Playground. According to the post on

This will air internationally, but in the meantime, you can check out some photos from the shoot right here.

The concept of the spots are to pair together a musical artist and a leading creative in the fashion world who have mutual respect for each other.  They sit down to discuss what inspires them, their work and what drives their creativity.

Adam sat down with SKINGRAFT Founder, Johnny Cota, seen here in the photos.

Stay tuned for an air date and more information.


And here are the 2 very nice photos:




So… do you like the new pics? :P



Unconfirmed Album Rumours!

Ok, so are you getting really excited about Adam’s upcoming sophomore album? When will his new single be released? When will his album be released? Will there be a dramatic change in Adam’s direction when it comes to his music?

Well… rumours have started and we have some hints of possible single and album release dates! (NOTE: This is NOT official but are just rumours and hearsay!)

On 26 June 2011, Monster FM – an online radio station – tweeted:


So do you think this news is reliable? Single out at end of August/early September and new album release in (8) November 2011?

While this is exciting news and we all hope that it is true… these are just rumours till confirmed by RCA! Just as Monster FM tweeted this disclaimer:


But with the release of SLEEPWALKER as a single in Singapore, new pictures being released to the public… I say the ole’ marketing/PR machine is slowly cranking out the hype and noise in preparation for Adam’s new single and album!

So keep a look out for more news and developments in the coming months! Stay connected to the latest Glambert news by following us on Twitter (@SG_Glamberts) or join our Facebook Group here! :)

SLEEPWALKER Single Released in Singapore!

Exciting news Glamberts! SLEEPWALKER has just been released as a new single in Singapore! It is “New This Week” on 98.7FM. Yes!


I am not sure but personally, I think this is a strategy from Sony Music Singapore to remind Singapore of Adam and his music and to keep his music playing constantly on the radios! (Adam’s AFTERMATH run on radio 91.3FM Hot 30 Countdown chart has just ended after months on the chart!)

This could be part of the local marketing and PR efforts leading up to Adam’s second album!!! Already rumours are flying with regards to his first single from his second album and when the album will be released! (Will be posting about the rumours and the possible dates in awhile – look for my new post soon.)

In the meantime, tune in to 98.7FM and request for Adam’s SLEEPWALKER! (You can listen to 98.7FM online here!)



The OFFICIAL Adam Lambert Fan Club have just launched an exclusive, limited edition new merchandise available only in their store!  Its not just t-shirts! The merchandise is now available in the fan club store and is only available to fan club members.

Its not a huge list of new merchandise BUT they sure look good! We have 2 new shirts, 1 coffee mug, 1 tote bag and a very nice leather journal! I’ve provided the pictures and descriptions below.

If you’ve been resisting joining the fan club – now might be the time to cave in and join to get these exclusive, limited edition items! :P


Featured Item – A Hard Backed Leather Journal (US$30.99) Leather Journal - 1

. Leather Journal - 2

Item Description:

This hard backed journal with the Adam Lambert Official Fan Club logo is etched on the book. This makes a perfect journal for random thoughts, sketches or to write your very own songs in. 5.5″ x 8.5″ with 80 sheets of ruled, quality wood free paper. Includes a pocket on inside back cover and elastic privacy closure.


Roses T-shirt (US$29.99)

Roses T-shirt

Item description:

Just in time for summer, this short sleeved shirt is charcoal colored with a jumbo rose design that features Adam’s signature in gold. Printed on American Apparel, this is considered a unisex cut t-shirt. 100% Fine Jersey Cotton, with durable rib neckband. Because this is unisex, women may prefer to order one size smaller.


Women’s Long Sleeve Peacock Shirt (US$27.99)

Women's Long Sleeve Peacock Shirt

Item Description:

This exclusive shirt features a peacock inspired design. Printed on a women’s Pima Long Sleeve, it’s the perfect shirt for cold or warm day. Pima is considered a superior blend of cotton and is extremely durable and absorbent. This shirt meets both form and function. With gold embellishments against a black shirt, you’ll surely turn heads with this design!


Tote Bag (US$12.99)

Tote Bag

Item Description:

Only in the Adam Lambert Official Fan Club store! This medium sized tote bag is perfect for an assortment of items. Use it as an overnight bag, a beach tote or to lug some groceries. Features an exclusive photo of Adam imprinted on the cloth tote. Machine washable.


Wings Coffee Mug (US$13.99)

Wings Coffee Mug

Item Description:

Wake up in the morning and enjoy your hot beverage in this exclusive Adam Lambert Official Fan Club mug. Black mug with wing design featured the Official Fan Club logo.


P.S. Suckerrrrrr!

I’m such a sucker! lol I went and order ALL the new Adam Lambert Fan Club merchandise! The bill came up to US$107.45 (after 10% discount) + US$53.00 (for international shipping via U.S. Post & handling) = US$160.45!

The shipping cost is the killer! I had to opt for the less reliable and slower shipping as the alternative were either the UPS Expedited at US$86.40 or the UPS Saver at US$87.40.

Now I have to cross my fingers and hope my stuff make it safely to me in about a month’s time!



Singapore Glamberts Glamnation Charity Drive


Responding to Adam Lambert’s call to action, the Singapore Glamberts adopted the Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BT BAF) as its chosen charity and conducted its first ever charity drive in honour of Adam’s first international tour -- the Glam Nation Tour -- in 2010!

The Singapore Glamberts Glamnation Charity Drive encouraged fans to donate directly to the adopted charity – BT BAF – and with every S$10.00 donated, they stood to win fabulous prizes from our sponsors! The lucky draw was conducted in The Little Arts Academy on 22 March 2011 and Ms Janice Zhang from the BT BAF did us the honours of drawing out the winners! (See details below.)

In the end, the Singapore Glamberts Glamnation Charity Drive
managed to raise a total amount of:



Although we have fell short of our target of S$5,000.00, this is a valiant effort on everyone’s part in our first charity initiative!
THANK YOU to all who donated money, time and effort to our charity drive!
Please read on to see if you are a winner of any of our prizes and do view our video on the Glamnation Charity Drive below.


. .

Are You A Winner In The Glamnation Charity Drive Lucky Draw?

Donors that donate to BT BAF made under the Singapore Glamberts Glamnation Charity Drive stood to win wonderful Adam Lambert memorabilia. Top donors stood to win autographed Adam Lambert posters and his debut album, For Your Entertainment. With each minimum donation of S$10.00, donors also stood to win two highly sought after pieces of Adam Lambert-related jewellery.

Prizes donors stood to win

All prizes were sponsored by Sony Music Singapore, Pennyroyal Silver and Nicolina Royale.

Top Donors

The top 25 donors stood to win autographed Adam Lambert posters and albums, courtesy of Sony Music Singapore:

  • Top 1 -- 5 Donors: One Autographed Adam Lambert Poster & Album each
  • Top 6 -- 15 Donors: One Adam Lambert Album each
  • Top 16 -- 25 Donors: One Adam Lambert Poster each


  • Toh Kian Lin Karin
  • Lee Hwee Ping
  • Low Chor Hiang, Gwyn
  • Tan Chew Ling
  • D0010593*


  • Yeh Siew-San
  • Chia Siew Imm Geraldine
  • Jacinta Wee
  • Charlene Tan
  • Teo Jia Hwee
  • S89xxx69J**
  • D0019466*
  • D0009562*
  • D0009918*
  • D0010412*

TOP 16 – 25 DONORS

  • Amanda Ng
  • Evelyn Khong
  • Nerine Teo
  • Calista Wong
  • Ho Chon Hua
  • Denise Kang
  • Lyon Tan
  • Norhalizah M. Yusoff
  • D0009588*
  • D0009762*

* Refers to the Transaction Reference Numbers generated when donors donated the money via online transactions. No other names or contact details was provided. Please email to collect your prizes. Please note that we would require proof of the transaction i.e. bank statement with the Transaction Reference Number state, e-receipt etc.

** The donor with this similar NRIC number please contact us at to collect your prizes.


Donors stand to win two Adam Lambert-related jewellery with each minimum donation of $10.00. Both Pennyroyal Silver and Nicolina Royale had generously donated one piece of jewellery each to our Glamnation Charity Drive to encourage more fans to donate:

  • A pair of “Eye of Horus” earrings from Pennyroyal Silver worth US$110.00
  • A “Magic” Swarovski necklace from Nicolina Royale worth US$210.00


Pennyroyal Silver's "Eye of Horus" Earrings

Nicolina Royale's 'Magic' Swarovski Necklace


  • Ms Karin Toh – winner of the Pennyroyal Silver “Eye of Horus” Earrings

Karin Toh, Winner of "Eye of Horus" Earrings


  • Ms Nerine Teo – winner of the Nicolina Royale ‘Magic’ Swarovski Necklace

Nerine Teo, Winner of 'Magic' Swarovski Necklace


NOTE: All winners please email to make arrangements to collect your prizes. Thank you!



Thank you to all who had so generously donated to our charity drive!

Thank you to our sponsors and partners for their generous support and assistance!

We couldn’t have raised a total of S$1,470.00 without all of your support!






Thank you to everyone who donated and supported Singapore Glambert’s first ever charity drive.

We have managed to raise a total of:


for the The Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BT BAF)


While this may fall short of our SG$5,000.00 goal, we are grateful for every dollar donated by the fans!

Thank you again for your generousity & giving spirit!


We will be conducting the lucky draw on 22 March 2011 at The Little Arts Academy (LAA) to coincide with the launch of Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation LIVE CD/DVD worldwide!

The videos & results of the lucky draw will be posted here – on the Singapore Glamberts News blog – and also on our website’s Homepage on 23 March 2011!



UPDATE 24 March 2011:

If you haven’t got your copy of GLAM NATION LIVE CD/DVD… well what are you waiting for? You should be able to buy a copy in any major CD store in Singapore. However, if you want to get that free poster, you MUST only buy your copy from any CD-RAMA store in Singapore!

Confirmed CD-RAMA stores so far are:

  • Bras Basah
  • Jurong Point
  • Toa Payoh
  • Compass Point
  • Tampines
  • United Square (just updated)
  • Junction 8, Bishan (just updated)
  • Simei (just updated)
  • Causeway Point (just updated)
  • Hougang Mall (under renovation)

UPDATE 22 March 2011:

Ok I think most of the CD-RAMA stores in Singapore have Adam’s GLAM NATION LIVE CD/DVD in stock and are selling it along with the free poster. (And its also available in most major CD stores in Singapore except that there is no free poster with every purchase.)

But confirmed CD-RAMA stores so far are:

  • Bras Basah
  • Jurong Point
  • Toa Payoh
  • Compass Point
  • Tampines
  • United Square (just updated)
  • Junction 8, Bishan (just updated)
  • Simei (just updated)
  • Causeway Point (just updated)
  • Hougang Mall (under renovation)

So go and get your copy of the GNT Live CD/DVD and get your free poster ONLY from CD-RAMA stores!

Or you can also purchase it on iTunes – provided you have a US or UK iTunes account.

Oh and here are my CD/DVD and Poster:



UPDATE 4.15pm 21 March 2011:

Adam Lambert’s GLAM NATION LIVE CD/DVD has arrived at CD-RAMA stores island-wide (especially Jurong Point’s outlet – see tweets below). However, please call before heading down to buy your copy of the CD/DVD as they may not have put them up on the shelves for sale yet.

Oh and remember to ask for your FREE Adam Lambert poster with every purchase! (While stocks last.)



UPDATE 21 March 2011:

Ok some of you have gone to CD-RAMA stores over the weekend and could not find Adam’s Glam Nation LIVE CD/DVD and also could not pre-order them – CD-RAMA is selling this CD/DVD BUT they are arriving ONLY TODAY 21 March 2011 and will be on the shelves earliest tomorrow or the day after! As for the staff not knowing anything about this item… well… that’s Singapore retail service for you! *sigh*  :(

Anyway, YES, CD-RAMA stores are selling this item but its going to be available only from tomorrow earliest. Call the store before you head down to buy it!

According to Sony Singapore, ALL other major CD stores are also going to be selling the GNT LIVE CD/DVD! This means HMV Singapore, Gramaphone, THAT CD SHOP etc.

HOWEVER, if you want that exclusive free A2-size Adam Lambert poster, this is available ONLY if you purchase the CD/DVD from CD-RAMA stores (while stocks last)! Yes, the free poster is ONLY available in CD-RAMA and which poster are we talking about? THIS ONE:


I love this picture of Adam and cannot wait to get my hands on this poster! Fabulous!

So, Singapore Glamberts, be patient and you will get your GNT LIVE CD/DVD in a day or two!




Glam Nation LIVE CD/DVD

Have you pre-ordered Adam Lambert’s first ever live DVD – the Glam Nation Live CD/DVD? Shot in Indianapolis, Indiana at Clowes Hall on August 31st, 2010 and directed by Doug Spangenberg, the new CD/DVD features 12 tracks plus a bonus cut and includes some of Adam’s most beloved performances such as “Ring of Fire”, “If I Had You” and the Grammy nominated “Whataya Want From Me.”


  1. Voodoo
  2. Down The Rabbit Hole
  3. Ring Of Fire
  4. Fever
  5. Sleepwalker
  6. Whataya Want From Me
  7. Soaked
  8. Aftermath
  9. Sure Fire Winners
  10. Strut
  11. Music Again
  12. If I Had You
  13. 20th Century Boy

If you pre-order online from Adam’s Music Store now, it will be shipped to you on or before 22 March 2011. From the online store, the cost of the CD/DVD is S$23.23 before shipping cost.

CD-RAMA Bringing In The CD/DVD

However, a cheaper and, maybe, faster way to get your hands on Adam’s Glam Nation Live CD/DVD would be to pre-order your copy from CD-RAMA! Yes! CD-RAMA is bringing in the Glam Nation Live CD/DVD and selling it for only S$20.95 (and NO shipping cost)! Furthermore, a free poster is given away with each CD/DVD purchased (while stocks last) and according to an insider, the poster is a NEW Adam poster with Adam in a military-looking jacket!

The Glam Nation Live CD/DVD is supposed to be available in CD-RAMA from 21 March 2011. You can call or go to your nearest CD-RAMA shop to try to pre-order your copy of the CD/DVD and secure your free poster! (Click here for CD-RAMA store directory and contact details!)

(Will check if other retailers bringing in the Glam Nation Live CD/DVD – will update this post if I have more information.)

Glam Nation Tour Pack

Available from the online store is also an exclusive tour pack that features the live concert CD/DVD plus an exclusive T-Shirt & Oversized Tour Poster!

This is a limited package only available from the online store and includes:

  • the Glam Nation Live CD/DVD;
  • exclusive 32″x24″ Glam Nation Tour poster; and
  • exclusive Glam Nation T-Shirt featuring the new tour logo on the front and the Glam Nation Tour cities on the back!

This Tour Pack costs S$51.65 before shipping cost and you can take a closer look at the poster and T-shirt HERE.

(I’ve pre-ordered my Tour Pack weeks earlier and its now on its way to me! Yeah!)





Have You Purchased The Aftermath Billboard Remix?


Guys, I’ve updated this post with the correct information.


Hi guys, have you purchased Adam’s Aftermath Billboard Remix from yet? Its only SG$1.67. A portion of proceeds go to benefit The Trevor Project – they are the ones that started the “It Gets Better” campaign. In fact, Adam went on American Idol Results Show last week to perform Aftermath just to publicise this charity effort.

How to Purchase the Single?

To purchase the Aftermath Billboard Remix, you need to get it from When you visit the website, it will automatically take you to the Singapore homepage. Click on the picture you see below and it will take you to “Adam Lambert Music Store” selling the single!


The single is going for SG$1.67 and once you have purchased it, you will get to download the single in MP3 format.

Plus, download your copy today and get 10% off your next purchase at Adam’s store (unique coupon codes will be delivered on the confirmation page at the end of your checkout and on the receipt you will receive via email)!

So do your part for charity and get your copy of the Aftermath Billboard Remix.





Adam Lambert’s AFTERMATH Billboard Remix Debuting TONIGHT on 91.3FM!

UPDATE 16 March 2011:

Guys, its seems that the various Singapore radio stations have been playing Adam’s original version of Aftermath as a new single from Adam. While this is not the remix version, this is great for Adam still – it means Adam’s music will be playing on Singapore radios!

The great news is – Boy Thunder from 91.3FM has finally gotten the clearance to play the Aftermath Billboard Remix! He is going to debut it TONIGHT (16 March 2011) on 91.3FM Hot 30 Countdown sometime between 8pm – 11pm.



Asked whether the remix version is going to replace the original version of Aftermath on the Hot30 Charts, BT has an interesting proposal instead:


So what does this all mean?

It means… tune in to 91.3FM Hot 30 Countdown tonight to hear Adam’s Aftermath Billboard Remix play for the first time on Singapore radios!

It means… to VOTE for Aftermath on 91.3FM Hot 30 Countdown to push it all the way to the top! Its currently at No.18!






Adam Lambert’s AFTERMATH Billboard Remix is supposed to debut tomorrow morning on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show in the United States! BUT… we, in Singapore, is going to hear it FIRST before anyone else – TONIGHT! Yes we are! Where? When? The remix single will be introduced during 91.3FM’s Hot 30 Countdown anytime between 8.00-11.00pm (Singapore time) TONIGHT (9 March 2011).

Are we sure of it? Well… DJ Boy Thunder (BT) tweeted:


Which was quickly followed by this tweet by 91.3FM:


As one of the new “Hot and Fresh Song”, BT will definitely introduce and play it tonight during his radio show – 91.3FM’s Hot 30 Countdown. So stay tune to 91.3FM from 8.00-11.00pm for your chance to be the first to listen to Adam’s AFTERMATH Billboard Remix!

Listen to 91.3FM Online

If you find yourself not near any radio, you can listen to 91.3FM online via link:


Follow 91.3FM and BT’s twitters so that you get fair warning when they are about to play Adam’s new single!

>> 91.3FM – @Radio_913

>> BT – @Boythunder913

Remember to VOTE

Do remember to visit 91.3FM’s Hot 30 Countdown online and cast your vote for Adam’s AFTERMATH Billboard Remix so as to get it charted! That way, we can hear it every night!

Vote! Vote!


Adam Lambert To Perform on American Idol This Thursday (Friday in SG)!



If you haven’t heard (or read from the tweets), Adam Lambert will be performing ‘live’ the acoustic version of AFTERMATH on the results show of American Idol this Thursday (which will be on Friday in Singapore)! Immediately following the show, the single will be made available exclusively on Adam’s website (, with all proceeds from the sale going to The Trevor Project, an organization which offers support for and aims to prevent suicide by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered teens. This single will eventually be available iTunes.

Read on to find out how you can watch this performance ‘live’ online and when and where it will be available for viewing in Singapore!





Catch It Online or on TV

For those in Singapore, Mediacorp’s Channel 5 will be telecasting the Thursday Results Show of American Idol on FRIDAY 10.00pm. For those of you who have Starhub cable with the STAR World Asia channel, you can catch it earlier on FRIDAY at 6.00pm or the encore telecast at 8.00pm and/or 11.40pm.

For those of you who just need to watch it ‘live’ – need to catch Adam’s performance as it happens in the US – you can try to catch it online on FRIDAY 12.00pm (SG time) via these 2 links:


I hope I can catch Adam’s performance ‘live’ on my iPhone… will be out of the office on a company retreat this Friday! Of all days to be out of the office! :(

Remember to buy Adam’s AFTERMATH single after the show at!






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