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Working in the Studio

Latest Fabulous Pics of Adam! (Updated)

UPDATE: 7 Jul 2011

Another new picture of Adam hard at work in the studio! But why is he frowning? :P   ;)

Seems like his single and album is really going to be out soon!




Adam is hard at work in the studio working on his sophomore album and it seems that the release of a single and subsequent album is more near and real than ever before!

Rumours are flying on the release dates (read: Unconfirmed Album Rumours!), SLEEPWALKER just got released as a single in Singapore (read: SLEEPWALKER Single Released in Singapore!)… and today, 3 new fabulous pictures of Adam got released to the public! I say hype is slowly being created in preparation for Adam’s new album!

Adam tweeted this really evocative picture of himself hard at work in the studio with this tweet: “In-Studio Reflection“. If you want a high-def version of this picture, download it here (its about 23MB)!

I love that its in black and white and grainy!



Apart from this exclusive picture, Adam Lambert Fan Club released 2 new pictures of Adam too. These 2 pictures were taken at a cool, downtown Los Angeles location when he was filming a piece for MTV’s Talk@Playground. According to the post on

This will air internationally, but in the meantime, you can check out some photos from the shoot right here.

The concept of the spots are to pair together a musical artist and a leading creative in the fashion world who have mutual respect for each other.  They sit down to discuss what inspires them, their work and what drives their creativity.

Adam sat down with SKINGRAFT Founder, Johnny Cota, seen here in the photos.

Stay tuned for an air date and more information.


And here are the 2 very nice photos:




So… do you like the new pics? :P



Unconfirmed Album Rumours!

Ok, so are you getting really excited about Adam’s upcoming sophomore album? When will his new single be released? When will his album be released? Will there be a dramatic change in Adam’s direction when it comes to his music?

Well… rumours have started and we have some hints of possible single and album release dates! (NOTE: This is NOT official but are just rumours and hearsay!)

On 26 June 2011, Monster FM – an online radio station – tweeted:


So do you think this news is reliable? Single out at end of August/early September and new album release in (8) November 2011?

While this is exciting news and we all hope that it is true… these are just rumours till confirmed by RCA! Just as Monster FM tweeted this disclaimer:


But with the release of SLEEPWALKER as a single in Singapore, new pictures being released to the public… I say the ole’ marketing/PR machine is slowly cranking out the hype and noise in preparation for Adam’s new single and album!

So keep a look out for more news and developments in the coming months! Stay connected to the latest Glambert news by following us on Twitter (@SG_Glamberts) or join our Facebook Group here! :)

SLEEPWALKER Single Released in Singapore!

Exciting news Glamberts! SLEEPWALKER has just been released as a new single in Singapore! It is “New This Week” on 98.7FM. Yes!


I am not sure but personally, I think this is a strategy from Sony Music Singapore to remind Singapore of Adam and his music and to keep his music playing constantly on the radios! (Adam’s AFTERMATH run on radio 91.3FM Hot 30 Countdown chart has just ended after months on the chart!)

This could be part of the local marketing and PR efforts leading up to Adam’s second album!!! Already rumours are flying with regards to his first single from his second album and when the album will be released! (Will be posting about the rumours and the possible dates in awhile – look for my new post soon.)

In the meantime, tune in to 98.7FM and request for Adam’s SLEEPWALKER! (You can listen to 98.7FM online here!)


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