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buspar online The Singapore Glamberts News | From Ooi

From Ooi











MARCH 2013!

Brought in by Hype Records,
Adam Lambert will finally be coming back to
Singapore for a concert (or two?)
in March 2013!

So follow us on
Twitter ( and
Facebook (
as we bring you the latest news and details of the concert!




Do we want Adam to come to Singapore for a full length concert? Do you want to see Adam’s sophomore album, TRESPASSING, reach Platinum status just like For Your Entertainment?

If the answer is a resounding YES! Then we need to show our love and support of Adam by pre-ordering copies of TRESPASSING from all the major CD shops in Singapore:

  • Gramaphone
  • HMV Singapore
  • That CD Shop (not sure – anyone can verify if they are selling TRESPASSING?)

Pre-order your copies of TRESPASSING before 15 May 2012 and also stand the chance to win a trip for two to the UK to catch Adam’s performance with Queen in July 2012!

Special message from Sony Music Singapore:

Trespassing in London with Adam Lambert!

Pre-order & Trespass to London to catch a special one-off concert by Adam Lambert and Queen!

Simply walk in to any major retail store from before 14 May 2012 to pre-order Adam Lambert’s Trespassing album (feat. 15 new tracks) and stand to win a flyaway to LONDON for TWO to watch ADAM LAMBERT and QUEEN concert live on 12th July 2012! Submit your lucky draw entries on (starts 25 May) and stay tuned to 91.3FM & Sony Music’s Facebook for more information and result announcement!


So What Do You Need To Do?

Step 1

PRE-ORDER your copies of TRESPASSING and remember to get your Pre-Sale Vouchers! And keep your original receipts!

NOTE: One Pre-Sale Voucher per one pre-order gives you one chance to enter the contest to see Adam in London!


Go to

You will see a note telling you to vote for the best 91.3FM DJ Boythunder’s “Adam Lambert” looks and join the contest – but before you can do that, you need to read the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page

You must read and click “I AGREE” to the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page before you can vote and submit your entry.



Here are the Terms & Conditions: (my own emphasis)

Pre-sale & Contest Period: 20 April – 14 May 2012

  • Each Pre-Sale voucher can only redeem one Adam Lambert – Trespassing album and entitle you to one chance to enter “Trespassing In London with Adam Lambert” contest.
  • Redeem the album at the same retail shop where you have purchased the pre-sale voucher.
  • Present the Pre-Sale voucher together with the official receipt from the retail store for redemption of album.
  • The Pre-Sale voucher is not valid for any other album and is not refundable or exchangeable for cash.
  • Entrants must complete all details as listed on the Pre-Sale voucher to enter the draw successfully.
  • Album valid for redemption from 15 May to 5 June 2012.
  • Original receipt must be presented when claiming the prize. Winner without original receipt and /or receipt number stated will be disqualified.
  • No claims will be entertained for loss or expiry of the Pre-Sale voucher, and duplicate copies of the Pre-Sale voucher will not be accepted.
  • This Lucky Draw contest is open to all Singaporean residents and permanent residents unless there are specific requirements indicated by the organizer, advertisers or by law.
  • It is the responsibility of the winner and friend to ensure a legally valid passport visa or permit to be in such a country at such time. Validity period of passport must be at least 6 months. Should selected winner not be able to attend, another winner will be drawn by the organizers.
  • Winner wins a pair of air tickets and accommodation. All other miscellaneous expenses such as transportation, food and drinks will be on the winner’s own personal expenses.
  • The organizers’ decision will be final and no other correspondence will be recognized.
  • The organizer reserves all rights to changes to the terms & conditions of this contest.
  • The prize is as stated above, and is not transferable nor exchangeable.
  • Employees of Sony Music and their respective families, their agents or anyone professionally connected with this promotion are not allowed to enter.
  • The promoters have no control over the management of concert and reserve the right without compensation in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as cancellation/postphonement of concert.
step 3

Vote for 1 of 3 Adam Lambert-inspired looks that Radio 91.3FM DJ Boythunder underwent! After which you fill in your personal details and submit your entry for the contest! Details of the winner will be announced on Radio 91.3FM later (details pending).



Adam-inspired Makeover 1


Adam-inspired Makeover 2


Adam-inspired Makeover 3*

*I’m a bit offended by this makeover look – are you?





Adam Lambert’s newest album TRESPASSING is about to drop in 10 days!

What should we do to celebrate this momentous occasion?

I’ll let you in on a few secrets… we are looking at Listening Party! Album Launch Celebration Party!



I am talking about Dressing Up! About Contests! About Dancing to the latest beats from Adam!

I need to know that YOU WANT ALL THESE AND MORE!!


So what do I need from you?

Step 1

Pre-order TRESPASSING from any major CD shop in Singapore and show your support and love for Adam! Heck! You just might win a trip for 2 to UK to watch Adam perform with Queen in July!


Step 2

Spread the word of Adam’s newest album, TRESPASSING, to all your friends and family! Buy them the album! Request for Better Than I Know Myself and Never Close Our Eyes on all our radio stations! Tweet about it! Facebook about it! Tumblr about it!


Step 3

Show us how much you love Adam – express your love on the COMMENTS section of this post or on our WALL on Facebook (


Step 4

Check in very closely to our Twitter and Facebook and Blog in the coming days and weeks…. we have some SUPER SURPRISES & GREAT NEWS just for you!


This is not a joke… I promise you… you would NOT want to miss what we are planning for YOU!



Adam’s 30th Birthday… Let’s All Do Some TRESPASSING! ;P




Honestly, you can’t rightly call yourself a Glambert if you do not know when’s Adam Lambert’s birthday! But fine, just to ensure everyone knows everything… Adam’s 30th birthday is on the 29th January 2012! And the questions on everyone’s minds are: (1) how is Adam going to celebrate this important milestone; and (2) how are WE, as Glamberts, going to mark and celebrate this important date? 

So my question to YOU – Singapore Glamberts:

Would you DARE to do some TRESPASSING in our ‘fine‘ country FOR Adam? 




OK so what am I saying? Break the law and trespass? Vandalise trespassing signs? NO and NO! What I am saying is that let’s take photos and/or videos of ourselves with all sorts of Trespassing signs around Singapore! Take that photo or video… do some creative editing on your computer and send it over to me to collate and create a cohesive video tribute to be uploaded on Youtube to mark Adam’s birthday and new album!

And additionally, you can do your own interpretation of what kinds and types of TRESPASSING Adam is singing about in his album eg. trespassing on society norms, trespassing someone’s heart, trespassing someone’s home, trespassing on what’s ‘right’, trespassing someone’s body? etc. Interpret how you want to and video or take a picture and send it to me to collate (all in good taste please and NO PORN).

THE Trespassing Birthday Project

We have less than 25 days to get this done and uploaded onto Youtube! If you want to be part of this project, please note these details:

  • Submit photos and/or videos by 25th January 2012 (Wednesday)
  • Each photo has to be less than 1MB
  • Each video clip has to be less than 5MB
  • I reserve the right to NOT include your photo or video if I deem it it offensive or dangerous
  • I reserve the right to EDIT/CROP your photo or video to fit the format and length of the completed Project
  • Submit your photo and/or video to this email address:


NOTE: I am NOT condoning breaking of any of our Singapore laws – this is all in good fun! So please do NOT really trespass where you should not, please do NOT vandalise any trespassing signs, please do NOT put yourselves in dangerous situations.


Any feedback, comment or suggestions to our TRESPASSING BIRTHDAY PROJECT? I really would love to hear from you if you have a fabulous idea or any comments at all! Just leave your feedback, comments and suggestions below.


ALL You Need to Know About Adam Lambert’s New Album “TRESPASSING”! (UPDATED)


UPDATE: 20 December 2011 4.50pm


Yes! You can pre-order Adam Lambert’s newest album, TRESPASSING, now! And you can also buy and download Adam’s latest single, Better Than I Know Myself (BTIKM) from iTunes (unfortunately NOT Singapore iTunes) and other digital music stores.

As mentioned earlier, you can download BTIKM first and FREE if you pre-order TRESPASSING from (link updated to take you directly to the online store) from 20 December 2011! Yes, pre-order Adam’s news album and download BTIKM for FREE from 20 December 2011!

However, some have feedbacked that AO’s shipping cost is really expensive and they prefer’s prices. BUT AO is giving free download of BTIKM now and has promised upgrades and exclusives if you order TRESPASSING from them. No one knows that this is about and whether would have the same freebies etc. So you have to decide for yourself where you want to pre-order your copy of the album.

As for the Nokia Ovi Music Store, M1 Music Store, Singtel AMPED and Singtel Ideas Music Store on (Singapore site), they are currently NOT selling Adam’s album or single yet. If you click on the links, they will take you to Adam’s GLAM NATION LIVE CONCERT CD/DVD instead. So, if you want to buy from these digital stores, you need to wait for further instructions later.


You can buy and download BTIKM from from this link >> BTIKM from

You can also pre-order the album TRESPASSING (Deluxe version) from from this link >> TRESPASSING (Deluxe) from

You can also pre-order the album TRESPASSING (Standard version) from from this link >> TRESPASSING (Standard) from


So purchase and download BTIKM and enjoy! :.


(First off, sorry for the delay in providing you with updates on Adam’s new album and single! I have been having technical problems updating our blog! But if you follow us on @SG_Glamberts, then you have been updated to the latest happenings in Adamverse! So please follow us on Twitter to get the newest and latest on Adam. ~ Pauline Ooi




It has been a SUPER exciting last few days for Adam Lambert and ALL Glamberts!

Adam first excited us with his single -- Better Than I Know Myself -- released date and single art (see above -- isn’t he just gorgeous)! Teasing us with the release of the single on 20 December 2011 and tempting us with a snippet of the song!

Better Than I Know Myself (BTIKM) will be available for download from all major digital music stores from 20 December; this means iTunes (NOT iTunes Singapore), and etc. For Singapore Glamberts, I recommend buying from (Singapore site) because apart from Sony Music, you have the option to download the single from Nokia Ovi Music Store, M1 Music Store, Singtel AMPED and Singtel Ideas Music Store. (See below for the good news on how to get BTIKM for FREE!)

Before we could catch our breath with that little snippet… what do we get… but details of his sophomore album TRESPASSING! (Click here to read the official press release from RCA Records: Press Release)


Adam’s new album, TRESPASSING, will be released on 20 March 2012! Yes… we have to wait for 3 more months! :(

Nearer to date I will confirm with Sony Music Singapore on whether we will be able to get TRESPASSING in all major record stores in Singapore on the same date. However, base on our experiences in the past, TRESPASSING should be available on 20 March or a few days later in all the major music stores in Singapore; namely HMV, Gramaphone, CD-RAMA and That CD Store.

Free Download of BTIKM if Pre-Order

The good news is that we can download BTIKM first and FREE if we pre-order TRESPASSING from from 20 December 2011! Yes, pre-order Adam’s news album and download BTIKM for FREE on 20 December 2011!

So Singapore Glamberts, visit (Singapore site) and pre-order your copy of TRESPASSING on 20 December and download your free copy of BTIKM!

And now for the cherry on top of this huge ice cream sundae…..

The WHOLE BTIKM is now streaming online for all of us to ENJOY!!







Adam Lambert’s New Single Releasing Any Day Now!

Ok for those who are still in the dark… Adam Lambert’s new single – Better Than I Know Myself – from his new sophomore album Trespassing, will be released any day now! Odds are it will be released TODAY or the latest… THIS WEEKEND!


As Adam teasingly tweeted:

Details on single coming any day now… I’m getting so excited!!!

… And YOUR next big obsession. #Trespassing #betterthaniknowmyself


So… to hear new music from Adam… follow us on Twitter ( to get the fastest and latest news!






To mark Adam Lambert’s 29th Birthday, the Singapore Glamberts are meeting up on 29 January 2011 to celebrate! This is a chance for all Glamberts to meet up, get to know one another and to talk about our favourite idol – Adam!

We will be having CAKE, CANDLES, BLUE GLOWSTICKS, POSTERS and more! So come down tomorrow and join us in merriment!


  • Date: 29 January 2011 Saturday
  • Time: 3.00 – 6.00pm
  • Venue: Wendy’s @ NEX (Serangoon MRT)
    To know more about Wendy’s in Singapore >
    To know more about NEX >
  • RSVP: Here



This is an open letter to all our donors and supporters of the Singapore Glamberts and our Glamnation Charity Drive 2010/2011.

Open Letter to All

I am so sorry for the delay in this update of our Glamnation Charity Drive. For our first ever charity effort, we had set a target of raising S$5,000 for The Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BT BAF). After an extension of one month of the Charity Drive, we have, unfortunately, raised only S$1,470 to date.

I have since been reluctant to conclude the charity as our sponsors had, in good faith, donated rather attractive prizes for this charity drive and we really hope to raise more money for BT BAF. (However, please be assured that all the money raised so far has gone directly to BT BAF and that the Singapore Glamberts does not have access to the donations whatsoever. While all the prizes donated by our sponsors are still with us and have not been distributed.)

I am really sorry for the delay in closing this charity drive and I seek your forgiveness and understanding.

Closing the Glamnation Charity Drive 2010/2011

Before we finally close this Charity Drive and hold our lucky draw and prize giving ceremony, we hope that you would welcome the Lunar New Year and mark Adam’s 29th Birthday (29 January 2011) by donating to our adopted charity and help a talented but disadvantaged child achieve his or her artistic potential.

Please be assured that Adam and his manager, Lane, were both informed of our charity efforts when they were in Singapore last year and are fully aware of our charity drive for BT BAF. (We are aware that Adam is now campaigning for charity : water and it would be wonderful if you are able to support and donate to both charities!)

We will finally close the Glamnation Charity Drive 2010/2011 on 17 February 2011 (11.59pm Singapore time). Results of the lucky draw of ALL the prizes will be announced here – The Singapore Glamberts News blog – on 18 February 2011. All lucky winners will be notified via email and the prize giving ceremony will be held at The Little Arts Academy at a later date (to be confirmed).

Please click here for details on the prizes that you stand to win when you donate a minimum of S$10 to BT BAF!

Thank you again for your kind understanding and patience. We simply hope to raise more money for the children.

Yours truly,

Pauline Ooi

Founder of The Singapore Glamberts


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! You’ll be 29 years old on Saturday 29 January 2011!

I wonder how you are going to celebrate this milestone – it is your LAST birthday in your 20s!!

In the meantime, your fans in Singapore – the Singapore Glamberts – will be gathering to mark this occasion with Cake, Blue Glowsticks, Posters and more!

Have fun! Rest well! And we will wait patiently for your 2nd album!

Your Loyal Fans in Singapore,

The Singapore Glamberts!


Wishing Adam Lambert a Triumphant 29th Birthday!

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