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We are Glamberts, fans of Adam Lambert, from the small, little island city-state of Singapore. Coming from all walks of life and varying ages, we come together to celebrate, to idolise the multi-talented, very handsome, very unique performer and entertainer that is Adam Lambert!

Our Mission

To enjoy all that Adam has to bring to the world and to celebrate his talents, his joy, his success! To be the focal point for all Singapore fans of Adam. To offer a venue to meet, to talk, to share all that is great of Adam. To offer an outlet to vent, to cry, to laugh, to love as inspired by Adam.


Adam Lambert's New Single

Adam Lambert's new single, "Better Than I Know Myself" (BTIKM), is now available for purchase and download on, iTunes (not Singapore iTunes), and any legit music online store!

Adam’s new album, TRESPASSING, will be released on 20 March 2012! Yes… we have to wait for 3 more months! :(

The good news is you can pre-order the album NOW! Pre-order TRESPASSING on or! In face, you can download BTIKM first and FREE if you pre-order TRESPASSING from from 20 December 2011!

(Click here for more information and links to pre-order Adam's new album...)

Get "Better Than I Know Myself" Charted!

Let's Vote & Chart BTIKM on 91.3FM Hot 30 Countdown & 98.7FM Top 20!

BTIKM was added to 91.3FM's airplay last week and its currently charted at #23 on its Hot 30 Countdown! Let's VOTE EVERYDAY & push BTIKM all the way to #1!

(Click here to go to 91.3FM & VOTE!)

As for 98.7FM, they have just added BTIKM as new this week! Go to their BTIKM page and show your support for Adam's new single! Request for BTIKM as often as you can to get it charted on their weekly Top 20!

Let us all show our love and support for Adam by requesting and voting for BTIKM!


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